What our clients are saying

"Ian and his team have been instrumental in streamlining our marketing and sales systems, which has allowed me to focus on content creation and shaping our product positioning. He brings a wealth of digital marketing expertise to the table, and I would recommend him to any internal marketing team looking to optimize their operations."

Erin Anderson
Director Marketing at Industrial Defender

"Ian has provided invaluable support to our portfolio companies, helping us to better understand our sales and marketing data and track key performance metrics. He is a master at deciphering complex systems and presenting actionable insights that can drive business growth."

David McCauley
Director at Teleo Capital

"After a decline in PPC returns and revenue, Ian and his team were able to provide clear, effective recommendations to help us turn things around. They implemented these strategies without requiring additional resources from our small marketing team, which was a huge relief for us."

Brian Murphy
CFO at Lobster Trap Inc.

"Working with Ian has been a game-changer for our marketing team. He helped us make sense of our  marketing systems, and provided us with the data and insights we needed to make better decisions about our strategy. His expertise and guidance have been very important to our success."

Caroline Maier
Marketing Director at Equalum

"Ian has been an integral part of our growth strategy since 2015, when he helped us migrate our e-commerce platform to Shopify. His deep knowledge of web technologies has helped us make informed decisions about how to allocate our marketing resources and support our continued expansion."

Michael Hogan
Owner, Hogy Lure Company

"Ian has been a key partner for our small marketing team, providing us with the guidance and expertise we need to navigate the complex world of digital marketing. His strategic insights and hands-on support have helped us improve our website, PPC campaigns, and email marketing efforts."

Jonathan Hagenstein
Partner at Beacon Marine Construction

“Ian and his team helped us take market share away from our competitors, increase our conversion rate by 35% and increase the profitability of our PPC spend by 97%, without having to hire dedicated marketing staff.”

Lance Kennedy
GM at Lobster Trap Inc.

"Ian stepped in for me after the internal resources at the institute were strained and was able to quickly figure out the current technology stack for our program, and implement the changes needed in a timely and efficient fashion."

Steve Zottoli
Program Director at Marine Biological Laboratory

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