We need Salesforce admin help


Project Brief

The objective of this project is to provide the client with a Salesforce administrator who can manage and optimize their Salesforce platform to improve their sales and marketing efforts.


  • Assessment of current Salesforce setup and identification of areas for improvement
  • Configuration and customization of Salesforce to align with the client's business processes
  • Data migration and integration with other systems as needed
  • Training and support for the client's team on how to effectively use Salesforce
  • Ongoing maintenance and optimization of Salesforce to ensure continued success


  • A Salesforce administrator who has been trained on the client's specific needs and processes
  • A customized Salesforce platform that is optimized for the client's business
  • Training materials and documentation for the client's team
  • A plan for ongoing maintenance and optimization of the Salesforce platform.

*Please note that this is a general project brief and the actual details may vary depending on the client's specific needs and requirements.

Technologies & Platforms Used

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