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“When we brought Ian in to pitch us on helping with Hubspot administration, he rolled out an incredibly detailed year-long strategy that included everything from a corporate branding facelift to new customer acquisition strategies through Facebook. I can say without a doubt that Ian’s efforts were a key driver of new revenue for PayPlans & Benefits in 2015.” – Doug Snowman, President, PayPlans & Benefits, Inc.

“Simply put, Ian and Matt pushed Hogy Lure Company to the next level in 2015. Their attention to detail and passion for what they do is apparent in every marketing piece they pushed out. With these two guys on the team, I knew our e-commerce, digital marketing and product photography workloads were taken care of and that allowed me to focus on higher level tasks like product development and logistics.” – Capt. Mike Hogan, Owner, Hogy Lure Company

“Construction companies don’t commonly put big resources into their website, but with Ian on our side, I’m confident that we have the best website of any marine construction company on the east coast. When you’re competing for six-figure deals with other contractors, every detail matters, so having that impressive presence gives us an edge on the competition.” – Jon Hagenstein, Partner, Beacon Marine Construction LLC

“Before we brought Ian in, we had 3 different websites in 6 years and our content was scattered across the web. Since then, we’ve been able to collect tournament registrations and auction donations directly through the website — something we only dreamed about in years past. I’d recommend Ian to anyone who is looking to channel more of their customer interactions through their website.” – Scott Swaylik, Chairman, Joe Cronin Memorial Fishing Tournament

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