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Cyber-X Labs Demo

Threat Stack

Drip E-Mail Campaigns for Lead Nurturing

Drip e-mail campaigns were a big part of the digital marketing operation at Threat Stack, with each prospective contact enrolled in a campaign designed to look like a personal, one-off e-mail sent from that prospects assigned inside sales rep. I collaborated on the copy, organized the campaigns in the backend of Hubspot with both Google and Hubspot link tagging, and adjusted the e-mail’s HTML formatting accordingly.


New Feature E-Blasts

New feature & integration e-mails like this one were successful because they a.) led to new demo sign ups and b.) gave the product team some data points about which of these integrations were most popular according to our marketing list.


New User Onboarding & Set Up E-Mails

I created a series of onboarding e-mails for new free trial members that were triggered immediately following sign up in order to increase retention and engagement within the first few days of their trial.


.pdf White Paper Designs

Creating downloadable .pdf assets like this one were key for putting behind “e-mail walls” in order to generate leads and build Threat Stack’s list. I built all .pdf’s in Adobe InDesign, adhering to Threat Stack’s branding standards.


Sidekick E-Mail Templates

Hubspot’s Sidekick e-mail feature allows for pre-made e-mail templates. At Threat Stack, we took a few of our best-performing pieces of content and built Sidekick templates with them so that when an inside sales rep finished up a phone call, they could quickly and easily shoot them follow up links.


Automation Workflows

Hubspot’s automation workflows are a powerful tool for increasing the number of touch points each prospect sees from your organization. At Threat Stack, I built out e-mail automation campaigns featuring copy from their best performing drip e-mails, their best performing content assets and their latest product videos.


PayPlans & Benefits, Inc.

Hubspot Theme Design

When I initially started working with PayPlans & Benefits, they needed a full Hubspot template redesign on their badly outdated theme. I designed and implemented a responsive theme by writing custom CSS/HTML/Javascript. The updated design helped PP&B’s brand image and led to some inbound phone calls and e-mails from partnering organizations that PP&B staff said probably would not have contacted them in the past with the old site.


Drip E-Mail Campaigns

Utilizing drip e-mail campaigns has been an effective way for PP&B agents to increase the number of touch points to prospective clients and also automate simple follow up e-mails like insurance policy renewals.


Landing Pages for Text Message & E-Mail Campaigns

I have built and tested dozens of different landing pages for PP&B over the course of this engagement, some asking for contact information via forms, others featuring a “Schedule a Meeting” button to set up a Google Calendar meeting. This is PP&B’s latest landing paged, used in conjunction with a text message campaign for union members, who primarily communicate via their phones.



Infographics like this one were a huge success for PP&B’s transportation insurance division. By seeding this on social media to various trucking groups, we were able to drive meetings and referrals for this line of business.